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Jasper County in Georgia

Jasper County in Georgia

The county of Jasper is located in central Georgia. Its population is around 13,900, with the county seat in Monticello. The county is part of the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, GA Metropolitan Statistical Area. The county is home to numerous historic sites and other notable features.

Jasper County has a long history that dates back to the 16th century, when Creek Indians maintained settlements along the Ocmulgee River. In the 1670s, fur trappers from Carolina traded in the area. In the late eighteenth century, the county was established, and the first white settler was a deer hunter named Newby, who lived near the town of Hillsboro. In 1790, George Washington signed treaties with Indian nations east of the Mississippi. These treaties allowed him to establish a stage and mail run across Georgia. The stage coach route would later become known as the Seven Islands Stagecoach Road, which connected the cities of Augusta, Georgia, and Mobile, Alabama.

Another way to get more information on Jasper County is by visiting the local libraries, archives, and societies. The Georgia Archives and Libraries (GALA) and Jasper County’s libraries will provide you with more information on local history and genealogy. Additionally, there are several online genealogy resources available. These resources will help you locate your ancestors’ past.

In the 19th century, Jasper County was primarily a cotton-growing county, but cotton eventually lost the battle with boll weevil and farmers were forced to move to other counties to find work. After the Civil War, however, cotton grew in popularity, and by 1910, Jasper County was producing about 35,000 bales of cotton a year. However, the boll weevil eventually destroyed the cotton crop, leading to a decline in the county’s population.

By the early 1800s, Jasper County had a population of around 14,600. The county was well suited for growing corn and cotton. This led to rapid rural development in the county. Jasper County was home to a number of important people. In the year 1830, the county was home to one senator and four representatives.

The early settlers in Jasper County recognized the need for educational facilities. The first male and female academies were opened in Monticello and Hillsboro. Both academies were governed by a board of trustees. By 1850, the county had six academies. The academies still exist today. They employ about 45 people. While some areas may have lost their original name, Jasper County has preserved its history.

Jasper County provided material and men to the Confederate States Army during the Civil War. The county was originally named Randolph, but the county seat is now called Monticello, in honor of Thomas Jefferson. The county seat was originally a log cabin. The present Monticello courthouse is built of marble and brick and was finished in 1907.

The first bank in Jasper County was the Bank of Monticello. This bank was organized on April 2, 1892. Its directors included W. S. Witham, a banker from Atlanta, and L.O. Benton, who was president and vice-president. The bank also employed Lucian Benton as a cashier. The bank was supervised by D. B. Benton and L. Benton.

Another notable person from Jasper County is Ben Hill, who was born in the county. Hill attended the University of Georgia and served in the Georgia House of Representatives. He also went on to serve as a Confederate Senator during the Civil War. He died in Atlanta, Georgia. The county is home to several historic sites of interest.

In addition to John Clark, another notable Jasper County resident was Guy Smith, a Revolutionary War veteran who was buried near his family homestead. His grave is located near the Alcovy River. His family traces its history back to Cornwall, England. His descendants live in Jasper County today. The Jasper County Museum and the Jasper County History Center are both open to the public. If you’re looking for a place to visit in Jasper County, make sure you take some time to visit these sites.

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