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The Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton Georgia

Rock Eagle 4H Center in Eatonton Georgia

The Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton, Georgia is an excellent place for families to bring children to learn about history and nature. The center is also a great place for kids to do art and crafts. Visitors can also enjoy the many activities available at the center, including pottery making. In addition, kids can get their hands on some of the most interesting artifacts found in Georgia. You can visit the Rock Eagle Effigy Mound, an archaeological site in Putnam County. This site is estimated to be around a thousand years old. It is composed of thousands of pieces of quartzite and is shaped like a large bird.

The Rock Eagle 4-H Center was established in 1954, and the Chapel was constructed by architect Grady Smith, a partner at Cooper Barrett Skinner Woodbury Cooper. It was built with native rock walls and was characterized by distinctive wooden roof trusses. The Rock Eagle 4-H Center was nearly destroyed in a fire in 2019, but the original blueprints were used to restore the chapel and use them as a guide for renovations. Douglas Fir from North Carolina was used to replicate the trusses and interior paneling.

The Rock Eagle 4-H Center is a great location for a youth conference or retreat. It is located on more than one thousand acres of forested land and features a natural history museum and cottages. The center also has a chapel and can accommodate up to 1,100 people. It is also easy to get to from the surrounding states and towns and offers comfortable accommodations and amenities. The center also offers a variety of activities for children and adults, including a miniature golf course, a swimming pool, and tennis and basketball courts.

The Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton is a wonderful place for children and families to visit and experience all the activities it has to offer. It is a great place for hiking, camping, and picnics. The observation tower is a wonderful place to spend time.

Visitors can visit the Rock Eagle Effigy Mound, a stone effigy estimated to be 5,000 years old. Native Americans lived in the area at that time. The mound was constructed from milky quartz rocks. It is believed that the mound was built for religious purposes.

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