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Putnam County in Georgia

Putnam County in Georgia

Putnam County is a county in central Georgia. It has a population of 21,218 at the 2010 census. The county is home to several universities and several hospitals. In addition, Putnam County is also home to several historical sites. In 2010, the county’s economy was thriving. Nevertheless, the county has faced some challenges.

The county is home to more than 20,000 residents, with many retirees. Despite its small size, the county enjoys good schools and conservative residents. There are many recreational activities for residents, including golfing, hiking, and horseback riding. The county’s schools are also rated above average.

Putnam County was home to several notable early settlers, including John W. Knight, a talented Methodist preacher. The county also produced famous poets, including Alice Walker. In addition to settlers, the county’s first settler, Josiah Flournoy, was a dedicated Christian and the first Georgia prohibitionist. He campaigned the state to ban whisky traffic. Flournoy also made a fortune in the region, and he built a school near Talbotton. He named it after a friend.

Putnam County is home to a number of industries, including Horton Homes, which started manufacturing homes there in 1970. In addition, the Haband Company, a clothing retailer from New Jersey, began operations in the county in 1988. Together, these two businesses helped create jobs for locals. Other businesses in the county include the Georgia Power Company, which operates a plant at Lake Sinclair.

The county seat is Eatonton. The major towns in the county include Clopton, Nona, Stanfordville, and Willard. The Milledgeville and Covington branch of the Central of Georgia crosses the county, and the county’s roads are generally in good condition. There are several historic attractions to visit in Putnam County.

The first settlers in the county came from North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. They were similar to the people in Hancock County, who tended to live near a church. They kept a Bible and a psalm-book nearby their homes. The population was not high enough to afford luxury.

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